Director of Guardians of the Galaxy Offers Up $100,000 Bounty for Easter Egg

There’s been rumors of an elusive Easter egg hiding somewhere in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, but after two years nobody has been able to find it yet. The director, James Gunn, revealed last September that there’s a huge Easter egg in the movie that nobody has even noticed yet and probabally never will. This really got people¬†combing through the movie very carefully, yet to date – nobody has found it yet.

giant comb

When asked if there even was an Easter egg at all, or if he was just trolling, here was James Gunn’s response:

“I have never knowingly lied to you guys about anything, and I swear I’m not lying to you now,” Gunn said. “Swear to God.”

So it’s there, somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding it. People have speculated that it may have something to do with Groot’s words, but Gunn said that only himself and Vin Diesel have copies of a special script with translations of what he is saying.



Recently, a fan on Facebook wondered if this whole thing was a sham. Could this have been a big ruse just to keep people talking about, and watching, the movie? Especially with the huge sequel set to drop next year. James Gunn denied that, and even put his money where his mouth is.


image: polygon

If anyone can prove that there is no undiscovered Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy, Tanin gets $100,000. If you do stumble across it, make sure you don’t tell Tanin. $100,000 is a lot of money, imagine how many Groot bobbleheads you could buy with that.