Ditto is finally in Pokemon Go: Here’s how you can capture it

It has been more than four months since Pokemon Go released but Ditto was nowhere to be found. However, since the last couple of days, reports has been flooding in that players are finding the elusive rare Pokemon in the game.

The social media platforms has already been flooded with images and reports of Ditto being out in the open after Pokemon Go received an update. Niantic has even confirmed Ditto’s existence in the game with a tweet.

Ditto can now be captured from normal Pokemon like Pidgey, Zubat, Magikarp, and Ratatta as it is known for disguising as others. We have also known that Ditto actually transforms into a defender during the gym battles.

Image: Alpha Manga

Image: Alpha Manga

Here are some of the tweets by players who have claimed to have caught Ditto: