Donald Trump Is Going To Make Videogames Way More Expensive For This Reason

Apparently Making America Great Again means paying a lot more for video games. 

Trump has been very outspoken about his plans to bring manufacturing jobs back to America and to impose very harsh tariffs on companies that build their products elsewhere and import them into the United States.

A possible consequence of this could mean huge taxes on companies that want to import video games and consoles that are manufactured elsewhere, and let’s be realistic – it’s unlikely that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are going to start building their consoles in America (However, if these tariffs cut into sales too drastically, they may have no other choice.)

But in the meantime, that could mean that Americans are stuck paying a lot more for their games and consoles, and that’s not a Change we can believe in.



These new tariffs have yet to be signed, but Polygon has reported that the Entertainment Software Association is already on top of things and trying to figure out what’s going on, and what the implications will be.

“We are looking into the issue and can provide more information shortly,” an ESA spokesperson said when Polygon reached out for comment.



Trump has spoken about a ~30% tax on certain products from companies that take their manufacturing out of America, and Polygon is reporting that some people are anticipating a 10% across-the-board tariff.

If he decides to do so, CNN Money has speculated that Trump could use existing rules to fast-track the new tariffs without the need for any additional oversights or approvals from congress.

What does this mean for you? You’ll either have to spend 10-30% more for games, or buy 10-30% less games. Sad!