Doom Open Beta Is Getting Horrible User Reviews On Steam

Last, week, iD Software released the open beta for its upcoming first-person shooter Doom, which is a re-imagination of the popular shooter franchise.

However, it doesn’t look like the developer expected the majority of the community on Steam to give it hostile and highly negative reviews. Which is exactly what is transpiring.

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Image: iD Software

Image: iD Software

More than half of the gaming community on steam who’ve taken part in the beta has given it a negative review. The main reason for doing so is that the players feel the game isn’t what a Doom game is supposed to be and feels more like Halo. Others have compared it to Call of Duty. Both being in a negative way.

You’d think a game where you can play as a demon armed with a jetpack and multiple rocket launchers would manage to feel well… anything. It manages to not do anything badly but somehow also not do anything particularly well either.

 Somehow, despite the features that sound so awesome, the effects that look admittedly rather good and the prestige of being a game in the DOOM series, this is one of the most unambitious, least exciting and just plain dull games I’ve managed to play. If it was to be a free to play game, fair enough, but anyone paying £40 for this on release is bound to be disappointed by the fact that the new Unreal Tournament game slated for release this year is probably going to be better,” a user said.

Fans aren’t the only ones being left dejected with the game as Gary Riches, a game developer and long time fan of the series told BBC  “I still like Doom 4 but it doesn’t feel like Doom 4, it feels like a sequel to Quake or Unreal Tournament. To me that’s disappointing. It’s still cool, it looks nice but it has lost what makes it Doom.”

Via, iD Software

Via, iD Software

There have been some positive sentiment as well but such a large negative sentiment doesn’t look good, especially since the game launches worldwide in less than four weeks from now. It’s certain that no major changes can take place in between and it remains to be seen how the final game is received.

We’ll find out on May 13, when Doom officially releases worldwide for PS4, Xbox One and PC.