EA admits Battlefield 1 might fall short of previous games in one department

In a strange twist of events, it seems EA executives don’t see Battlefield 1 as the CoD killer everyone was hoping for. This was pretty much revealed in a post-earnings call, where company CFO Blake Jorgensen goes over some sales figures they’re predicting with the upcoming World War 1 game when it hits.

“We’ve told people that typically a Battlefield title does about 15 million in a year,” Jorgensen said. “Our guidance is slightly under that. And we hope that that excitement builds and it will clearly go through that number. But for right now, it’s slightly under that number.”


via EA

He also details a little info on Titanfall 2‘s predicted sales figures, in which he claims it will outsell it’s predecessor. This isn’t too surprising, however, considering Titanfall was an Xbox One exclusive, and the sequel is coming to all three platforms (XB1, PS4, PC). He says it’ll probably sell close to 10 million.

“We think it’ll do more than that, but it’s probably closer to 10 million than it is to 15 million as built into our guidance, so closer to 9 million to 10 million on [Titanfall 2] and just under 15 million on Battlefield 1.”


via EA

Interestingly, the two shooters will be released with a week of each other, with Battlefield 1 coming on October 21st and Titanfall 2 October 28th. Something to note is that it seems EA has both fan bases covered this year, with Battlefield being your boots on the ground, and Titanfall 2 being your more futuristic game.

Activision has something similar planned, however. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare covers futuristic gameplay, with the Modern Warfare remaster being the boots on the ground. Something else to note is that Infinite Warfare preorders are dominating that of Battlefield 1‘s, despite its trailer being the second most disliked video on YouTube. Funny how the world works.


via EA