EA has confirmed a most wanted feature for Star Wars: Battlefront 2

If you’ve been looking forward to the next Battlefront game, which is coming out during the holidays of 2017, this latest announcement is going to be icing on the cake.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going to have a full campaign with a huge emphasis on storyline, narrative, and creating an immersive world. Their goal is to make this the ULTIMATE Star Wars video game experience, to take advantage of all the latest tech and to push the limits of what people should expect from a AAA Star Wars title in 2017.

image: ea

image: ea

EA’s CFO, Blake Jorgenson, said earlier this year that Battlefront 2 would feature content from “The new movies”, however Battlefront has historically taken place during the original trilogy and we’ve also heard reports that they’re trying to include classic characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Battlefront 2 so we’ll see how all of that plays out…

Fans have been demanding a proper campaign, and it sounds like they weren’t the only ones who wanted this…

Paul Keslin, a producer at DICE, on making the kinds of games he wants to play:

“Myself as a Star Wars fan, I want story, I want narrative, I want something I can play that immerses me in that world but gives me something to follow and chase.

“That’s actually what inspired us with the Death Star DLC – how do we add a bit of narrative to the multiplayer game?”

“We know that players want that, we’re not able to give them a full-fledged campaign post-launch for Battlefront, but how can we scratch that itch a bit? It’s been received okay – I think some people appreciate it.

This time around, they’ll be able to do things they couldn’t with the first game. They are working alongside other teams of devs, including Motive, to ensure a seamless transition between the feel of single player and multiplayer, so that it’s not a situation where the multiplayer is amazing and the single player just feels tacked-on.

image: pcworld

image: pcworld

Obviously, it’s impossible to please everybody 100%, but it sounds like the team behind Battlefront 2 is hard at work to make this the best Star Wars game yet:

“We’re trying to address as many things as we can.” – Paul Keslin

What would you most like to see in Battlefront 2? Will you be playing through the campaign, or jumping right back into the multiplayer?