This evidence suggests Rockstar Games is working on a Bully sequel

Rockstar’s Bully has achieved cult status over the years, and there are signs pointing to a sequel sometime in the future. Rockstar’s got a lot on their plate at the moment, but an insider has suggested that we could be seeing Bully 2 in the future.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstar’s next release, and we’re expecting more info about that closer to this year’s E3 in the summer, but after RDR2, it might finally be time for Bully 2. RDR came out in 2010, and Bully came out four years before that in 2006.

There have been hints of a Bully 2 for years now, all the way back in 2009 Shawn Lee, a composer, said: “It looks like I will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in the not so distant future.”

But that’s not why we’re talking about Bully 2 today, there are much more recent developments. A well-known Rockstar insider who goes by the handle Yan2295 said the following:

Bully 2 is indeed in development and is supposed to be the next game after RDR2.

Obviously, this is still a rumor at the moment, and nothing close to an official announcement from Rockstar, which we likely won’t get until the game is closer to completion, but if this rumor is true, it sounds like it’ll be the next title down the pipeline once RDR2 is unleashed on the world.

Until there are more leaks, or we hear something from Rockstar, even the slightest hint, just chalk this up as a fun rumor. It never hurts to let Rockstar know there is demand for this title, and sometimes you have to wonder if some of these “insider leaks” are actually the developers themselves testing the waters. In any case, Bully 2 would be a welcome addition to our hard drives and hopefully it lands sooner than later.