Evolve is no longer on sale on Steam, going free-to-play

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Evolve has finally been turned into a free-to-play game on PC today. Developer Turtle Rock has finally fulfilled the wishes of the fans who have been asking for this since the launch of the game.

The players who actually purchased the game will be awarded with rewards, gifts, special access, along with receiving the Founder status. They will also be allowed to keep all the purchased add-on content.

Image: thelatestpull.com

Image: thelatestpull.com

Evolve was removed from sale on Steam yesterday, and Turtle Rock has promised that the game will get a big revamp. The game will now go back into beta on PC until its renovation is done.

The overhaul will see improved maps, user interface, tutorials and progression. More customization options will also be added to the game, and some more balance will be drawn in the hunter classes, which are now heavily reliant on medics and trappers.

Image: www.gamecrate.com

Image: www.gamecrate.com

Turtle Rock has mentioned that they will work on improving the general performance, wait time between matches, and load time. They will also work on removing the bugs and bringing more stability to the game.

The developer has also published an open letter which consists some plain-spoken statements. They ought to communicate directly with the players of Evolve through their official social channels.

Here are some of the excerpts from the statement of Turtle Rock published in their official website.

“When Evolve launched, the reception wasn’t what we expected. Sure, there were some good reviews. There were also bad reviews.”

“Yes, there was excitement. There was also disappointment – for players and for us. The DLC shitstorm hit full force and washed away people’s enthusiasm, dragging us further and further from that first magical pick-up-and-play experience.

“We want that magic back and we aim to make it happen.”

The developer also mentioned the suggestions from the community, which ultimately led into the game going free-to-play. They added that the players have been asking for the same since the launch of the game.

Image: www.amazon.co.uk

Image: www.amazon.co.uk

They added,“We have lived and breathed Evolve for over four years and we feel like we are just getting started,” the developer concluded.

“Since launch we realized Evolve has provided people some of their most exciting gaming moments and we want to make more of those for everyone… well, everyone who is OK with being periodically murdered (brutally) by terrifying alien monsters.”

The game is set to receive major updates which will add new features in the coming weeks and months.