Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC Guide: Where to find every star core

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In Fallout 4, players are generally guided by waypoints during quests. Things, however, are not the same for one major Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC quest. The players need to locate at least 20 Star Cores in order to take the guard bots roaming in the park in the quest ‘Star Control.’

Taking down these bots with a new power armor is not easy at all, but this guide will make it a lot easier for you.

You’ll be able to find several Star Cores in almost every area of Nuka-World. A majority of the of them can be found in Nuka-World’s larger dungeons, which can preoccupied by enemies. So, you should fight the enemies in order to collect those Star Cores in the game. Sometimes these fights can be avoided by stealth. (Courtesy, Game Rant)

Image: fallout.wikia.com

Image: fallout.wikia.com

Before going inside these dungeons, you can find these Star Cores in the following locations of the main Nuka-World map.

  • There is a table on the northern side of the map at the Nuka-Town Market. You will find a Star Core on top there.
  • Another core can be found at the employee area in Nuka-Cade.
  • When you move to the southwest corner of the map and the northwest of the Nuka-World junkyard, you’ll find a barn with another core.
  • When you go south to the Dry Rock Gulch, you will find a core near a body.
  • There is another core near a body which can be found when you turn right after finding the Nuka-Cola Quantum area at the Nuka-Cola bottling plant.

Starlight Interstellar Theater

  • Just after entering the theater, turn left and go inside the men’s bathroom. You will find a crack in the wall where you’ll find a body with a Star Core.
  • After that, go back to the entrance and move towards the right, then go through the kitchen and to the back door where you’ll find another core.
  • You’ll find another core when you go inside the theater and search the console across the screen.
  • The next Star Core can be found in the control room which is up the stairs.

Vault-Tec: Among the Stars

  • Go inside the elevator which can be found at the entrance and move downstairs to the Vault-Tec exhibit. Move away from the exhibit and go to the area which is guarded by Protectrons. You’ll then find a locked door behind which there is a Star Core.
  • After finding the first core, move back to the exhibit path and stay on it until you find a living loom. You’ll then find another locked door, which you’ll need to unlock to get the second core.
  • The next step will be to return back to the living room and select one of the two exits which are unlocked. After selecting the exit you’ll need to follow the corridor until you reach a radioactive room. You can get a Star Core from there. Remember, if your character’s radiation resistance is low, use radiation protective gear or deploy some Rad-X.
  • In order to collect the final Star Core, you’ll need to go back to the living room once again and enter the nursery. Open the sliding door by lock picking and enter the main office. You’ll then have to defeat the Novatron and move to the observation center where you’ll get three Star Cores.
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Image: www.itechpost.com


  • You must search for a Star Core near the Arcjet G-Force ride entrance before heading inside Nuka-Galaxy.
  • You’ll find a small shed near a ramp which leads to the Nuka-Galaxy, where you’ll find another Star Core.
  • Go to the boarding area of the ride and look down the track. There will be a door on the right side which will have a Star Core behind it.
  • After entering the first door, move over to the next door and follow the behind the scenes view of the ride until you reach the room which is full of planets. There will be ledge in the room which you’ll need to cross and then move down the stairs, go through a room and enter a corridor. You’ll then find a console there with a Star Core near it.
  • After collecting the core, keep moving through the corridor and go to the elevator on the left side. Use it and exit, then find an opening to the next room. You’ll find another Star Core near the console there.
  • Now move towards your right and go across the rocky set and you’ll find a secret door. Pass through it and go upstairs and go to the tracks. After that, go up with another set of stairs and you’ll find a Star Core with another console.
  • When you head to the very last of the rides, you’ll get a Star Core and a key.
  • You need to use the key you got to open a side path which is going back to the start of the ride. You’ll then find another set of stairs which will take you to the office which contains a Star Core.
  • You’ll find the final Nuka-Galaxy Star Core when you enter the control booth which is near the office.

RobCo Battlezone

It is not easy to collect Star Cores from the Robco Battlezone at all. You’ll need to fight  bot enemies in the process.

  • Right after entering, move over to the seating area and turn left. You’ll find a locked door along the wall. You’ll need to unlock it and collect the two Star Cores from inside.
  • Go to the souvenir shop where you will find a Star core located on one of the shelves.
  • Get inside the tunnels which are beneath the arena. You’ll find a Star Core on the console which is guarded by a Sentry Bot.
  • Go to the arena and collect the last two Star Cores there. Remember, you’ll need to face three waves of robots on your way out.
Image: www.gamesradar.com

Image: www.gamesradar.com

Starport Nuka

Although Starsport Nuka is not one of the main dungeons of the Galactic Zone, it contains five Star Cores. However, it is advisable to go to this dungeon at last because the last Star Core can only be collected after you restore the power in the park.

  • Keep walking towards Starsport Nuka’s mainframe and you’ll find a body. You’ll find a Star Core near it.
  • Get into Starsport Nuka and go upstairs, There is a Star Core in locked display case.
  • Move over to the base of Starsport Nuka and pass the gate. You’ll get another body near the sheds and you’ll find another Star Core.
  • You’ll get another Star Core when you head down the ramp form Starsport Nuka. The core will be located on the right side end of the ramp.
  • The final Star Core can be found on the top floor of the Starsport Nuka. However, you’ll need to complete the ‘Power Play’ quest.

Remember, you’ll need to pass the ‘Star Control’ quest in order to find every Star Core in Nuka-World, which is not an easy task. Once you’ll be able to find every Star Core in Nuka-World will be easy and fun to explore. Enjoy!