Fallout 4 Players Are Torturing Preston Garvey Using Recently Launched DLC

Fallout 4‘s new DLC Contraptions Workshop was released yesterday and players are already conducting some evil practices with it. (Is anyone really surprised, though?)

The new DLC allows the players to build various machines and gadgets by using using different kinds of tools. Players, however are using this DLC to torture the game’s companions.


image via YouTube

A YouTuber named Father built a machine that launches teddy bears at the faces of trapped characters endlessly. The video below shows characters like Preston Garvey and Mama Murphy trapped in pillories while being attacked by a never ending flow of teddy bears.

On the other hand, another YouTuber named IAGO created a complicated Rube Goldberg device only to shoot paint balls at the butt of Preston Garvey.


image via YouTube

Have a look at the video below:

I feel really sorry for Poor Preston. Sigh!

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