Fallout 4 Survival Mode Player Beat Game in a Single Permadeath Run, Almost Broke the Game Doing It

Fallout 4 survival mode is considered by many as the actual way Fallout 4 should be played. However, it’s gruesome and extremely difficult to beat. But that’s for us lesser mortals. One Youtuber is above us all and has done the unthinkable.

This dude has beaten the game on survival mode in a single playthrough. This isn’t the first time Hinckley has achieved the near impossible either, since he earlier completed the game without killing a single enemy.

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Image: Fallout 4

The dude has knack for doing the impossible, he didn’t only beat the survival mode, he did it while playing the beta version, which is considerably harder than the final version Bethesda released for the public.

To make things even more interesting, Hinckley promised to himself that he would not switch back to earlier checkpoints if his character died in-game. This meant if he died even once during his playthrough, it would have been a permanent one.


Image: Fallout 4

Oddly enough, the player’s toughest challenge didn’t come in the form of an in-game enemy but one of his own companions. Due to a odd glitch, Preston Garvey, our neighborhood Fallout 4 settlement quest guy, tagged along as a permanent companion. This was on top of the companion you can choose. This left the guy with not one but two companions.

This seemed to work in the player’s favor for a while but again due to another unfortunate event, Preston turned permanently against him. This meant, he had a character who couldn’t be killed, on his tail, vying for his blood.

Image: Fallout 4

Image: Fallout 4

This made the playthrough near impossible and he had to always be on the run since Preston would catch up to him no matter what. What’s worse, if he somehow managed to go too far away, the game would teleport Preston right next to him.

Preston Garvey no longer needed help with settlements, but had become a monster that can’t be killed or escaped from. The player nearly gave up on the idea of finishing the game, with such a powerful friend-turned-foe on his tail throughout. However, as suddenly as he became his foe, after 3 cruel days, he turned back into a friendly again.

Image: Fallout 4

Image: Fallout 4

With Preston, back in his side, the player continued with his initial quest, completing the game without dying even once. He ultimately managed to do it after 36 long hours of playtime. He was level 56 when he finally destroyed the institute, and ironically he sided with the Minuteman, the settlement Preston led.

Almost breaking the game with the glitches he endured, the player still managed to overcome the odds and achieved this remarkable feat. Take a look at the final run below. Admittedly, there were some very close calls.