Fallout 4 – The Ultimate List Of Famous Faces Created In The Game

The players of Fallout 4 are showing great creative skills in making their characters. We have already seen a lot of players using their favorite celebrity people/characters as their playable character in the game, but today we bring you the best.

Here are the most impressive celebrities being turned into Fallout 4 characters. Some of these are rather hard to believe since they resemble their real-life counterparts so realistically.

1. Beavis And Butthead


This player brought the famous American Sitcom character Beavis and Butthead in Fallout 4.

2. Doctor Venture


Dr. Thaddeus S. “Rusty” Venture has been well crafted into the game.

3. Emily Blunt

3This player has brought in British actor Emily Olivia Leah Blunt in Fallout 4. This is impressive.

4. Hank Hill


Henry “Hank” Rutherford Hill of King of the Hill looks almost the same.

5. Hulk Hogan


WWE legend Hulk Hogan looks the same as Fallout 4 character too.

6. Joel from The Last Of Us


This player has worked really hard to make Joel from The Last Of Us his character.

7. Kanye West


The famous American rapper looks almost the same in Fallout 4.

8. Karl Pilkington


This English Comedian would be rather amused to find his lookalike inside the Fallout 4 gameworld.

9. Louis C.K.


Even Louis C.K won’t be able to figure out he’s not made it inside the gameworld if he were to come across this guy. The resemblance is almost same.

10. Mulder and Scully from the X Files


The duo make their entry into The Commonwealth to solve new mysteries.

11. Roy Munson A.K.A. Woody Harrelson


The famous actor wasn’t left out as someone made an exact version of him inside the Fallout 4 gameworld.

12. Shrek and Lord Farquaat


Now, this was a surprise but the resemblance is similar. We wish Bethesda allowed you to make your character’s face green in color then this would have been perfect.

13. Taylor Swift


Taylor looks rather scary in the Fallout 4 version. We can bet she wouldn’t be amused.

14. Terry O’Quinn


Who wouldn’t want to play as this guy? We sure would.

15. The Joker


Now, this was rather surprising. He even got the facepoint on point. The Commonwealth would server as the perfect playground for this famous villain. We can only think what kind of atrocities he is getting ready to commit there.

16. Robert Downy Jr.


The Wasteland gets its own version of Iron Man thanks to this guy.

17. Vladimir Putin


Putin would be glad someone put him inside the game. He likes challenges and traversing a post-apocalyptic Wasteland seems right up his alley.

18. Walter White


We would advise anyone against saying his name out loud if you happen to find him in-game. He looks rather pissed off.

There you go, these are the version which we felt got it spot on if you have more, feel free to share them below.