Fallout 4 update finally adds in highly demanded feature to the game

Now at first, this may sound pretty damn pointless. For most people, we always save before we exit the game. The use for this feature becomes immediately apparant when you consider Survival Mode however.

You see, before this update, Survival Mode players had to physically walk (no fast travel) to a location that had a bed in order to save. It was extremely inconvenient from a practical sense.


Now with update 1.6, Fallout 4 will create an auto-save upon exiting to the main menu. The save is then deleted once reloading it, in order to prevent people from abusing it in Survival Mode.

It makes it so you still can’t revert back to it if you die, meaning when you reload, you best be on your way to a bed in order to create a perma-save. The change comes as a perfect compromise.


Check out the full patch notes below:


  • ExitSave – Exiting to the Main Menu will create an ExitSave. During next play session, the ExitSave will delete itself after you load it. The Existsave works in all difficulty levels including Survival.
  • New Add On specific icons in Workshop mode
  • More than 300 new player names added to Codsworth’s vocabulary
  • Support for upcoming Add Ons


  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed a crash related to targeting an enemy weapon while in VATS
  • Fixed an issue where a Companion would become stuck walking and unable to run
  • Fixed issue in “Mankind Redefined” to prevent the player from getting stuck in elevators while in Mass Fusion Building
  • In “Boston After Dark” quest now completes properly when waiting for Old Man Stockton
  • Fixed occasional issue where player would become permanently invisible
  • Dead settlers can no longer be commanded or assigned to supply lines
  • Fixed issue where deleting saved games would cause other saves to disappear
  • Fixed occasional issues with activating mods that did not come from Bethesda.net
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations to Mods load order and browsing


Are you happy with the latest Fallout 4 updates and the bug fixes and other smaller changes?