Fallout 76 Player Finds A Way To Fly In The Game

Fallout 76 may not have had the launch, reception, or reviews that Bethesda intended it to, but that doesn’t mean that players aren’t finding their own ways to have fun within the game.

YouTuber TYR has managed to find a way to get his character to actually fly within Fallout 76, which is definitely one way to explore the map.

Credit: Bethesda

By using a combination of the game’s mutations and perks – and utilising the help of some friends – TYR managed to soar across Fallout 76 in style.


Check out the video below to see him in action.


TYR explains the glitch is only for high-level players. You’ll also need to have the Marsupial mutation (improves the height of jumps) and the Bird Bones mutation (slows down falling).

Combine these mutations with the Strange in Numbers perk card, and you and your friends will see an increase in their effectiveness. You’ll need to partner up with at least two buddies if you want to spread your wings and fly though.


The flying is then achieved when “everyone on your team shares that perk card, that just keeps on boosting up and up and up, and you fall even slower and jump even higher.”


Credit: Bethesda

In the comments section of his video, one viewer writes: “It looks fun. So it’s bound to be patched out by Bethesda.”

This could be the case, as Bethesda is keen to roll out all the necessary updates and patches to make the experience a better one for its players.

A glitch for the in-game public event known as Feed The People has officially been ‘fixed’, meaning if you or anyone else on the server completes the event you’ll no longer get a can of stew. Previously, just being on the same server as players who completed the event meant you’d find a tasty can of stew in your inventory.

Credit: Bethesda

However, being a bug, it’s now been removed thanks to Bethesda’s latest Fallout 76 patch. Now things are as they “should” be – only players who complete the event get the can of stew. Naturally people are pretty p*ssed off that they have to say goodbye to the random stew-drops in their inventories, and players want the mechanic brought back.

Maybe if we ask really nicely?