Fan spends more than six years crocheting one Super Mario Bros. 3 map

Kjetil Nordin, a computer programmer living in Norway, who also happens to be a skydiving champion, has put over 800 hours of hard work for creating a crochet work of the map of Super Mario Bros. 3 World 1.

He’s also spent an incredible amount of time researching about the project as this isn’t a simple crochet map. He’s not only made the map look authentic but has almost emulated the whole map accurately. This was done by sewing in the exact yarn colors as the in-game map. He’s also re-done several sections if it didn’t resemble the colors exactly as the original.

Here are some incredible shots of the project (Thanks to this Redditor):

The guy is currently trying to find a way to mount the map onto a wall without ruining the material. We really hope he is successful in doing so.