Fan’s unique plea for a free copy of Overwatch gets rejected by Blizzard in the best way possible

One user got a surprise when Blizzard responded to his rather desperate plea for help after being unable to acquire a copy of Overwatch for himself, mostly thanks to his overly protective better half.

Kyle decide to write a heartfelt and rather humourous email to Blizzard Entertainment after being unable to purchase a copy of the recently released and hugely successful game. Kyle eloquently described to the company his efforts for acquiring a copy of the game in front of his wife but to no avail.


Kyle’s valiant, yet unsuccessful attempts to convince his spouse left him with no other choice but to appeal to the game’s developer to either send him a free copy of the game, or at least convince his wife that the game was worthy of acquiring.

Kyle even sent Blizzard’s an inexpensive gift in the hopes of bagging a free copy. He sent them a previously unpublished artistic creation titled “Deadpool Licking Some Rock. A Dog Watches.”


Personally, we felt that gift alone was more than enough for not only getting Kyle a copy of the game, but more. However, Blizzard didn’t seem to agree but they were kind enough to acknowledge the bloke’s efforts and did send him a reply:

It looks like Blizzard didn’t want to mess with his ever aggressive wife, but it was great to see them take the time out to respond to this guy. We hope he is able to get a copy of the game soon.