Female Call Of Duty streamer permanently banned after shaking ass during every Kill Cam

Twitch is becoming notorious for female streamers flaunting their assets to gain more viewers and donations but not everyone admits to doing it. Today we have come across an exceptional one who isn’t shy of doing it.

Meet Zoie Burgher, a now permanently banned Twitch streamer who wasn’t shy of shaking her booty for fans while she streamed Call of Duty. Zoie was also amused that Twitch banned her for shaking her assets while many other go away with doing far worse.


Zoie was also frank and honest about her celebrating her beauty and sexuality to attract viewers unlike the thousand other Twitch streamers doing the same but feigning innocence and ignorance when confronted.

Too bad for Zoie, Twitch didn’t take too kindly to her booty shaking escapades while streaming and decided to ban her account. She’s still carrying out some more of the shaking on her Youtube and Twitter accounts though.


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Although she’s now banned on Twitch, she’s still very much active on Twitter and posts regularly on her Youtube account. The video below will give you a good example about the kind of content she posts there –

Stay strong Zoie and keep doing whatever floats your boat. It’s not everyday that we come across someone who is honest and open about their intentions.