Female ‘Overwatch’ player harassed for 16 minutes, uploads it all to Youtube

A video on Youtube shows a female Overwatch player being harassed non-stop during a match by her fellow teammates.

The video shows them hurling some of the most vile and sexist abuses at her. It’s difficult to view the video without your blood boiling and realizing the fact that bullying can exist anywhere, including in online videogame communities.

“I am putting this and a few other examples of the way I am treated up not just for entertainment,” Overwatch player Glisa said in the description of the YouTube video. “I want to give people a look into how women are treated online. This is not OK, and I’m doing my best to show that.”

The girl tried defending herself but it only made things worse. Check out the video below to experience what kind of abuse of female gamers have to put up with if they ever decided to play online –