Final Fantasy XV has one of the best secret dungeons we’ve ever seen

For many of us, it was a Final Fantasy game that started our dungeon-exploring careers. It’s always exciting to set foot in a secret dungeon for the first time, not sure what you’re going to find, and excited to tell all your friends about it during recess on monday. These days, word of a secret dungeon travels a lot faster than an elementary school game of telephone, but there’s still that same excitement the first time you find one.



There have already been some cool revelations about Final Fantasy XV, like the alleged 72 hour boss battle, and a trick that allows you to cheat the stamina meter and run for as long as you’d like.

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One of the best, though, is a secret dungeon unlike any other. There are no battles here, there are no monsters, there’s just puzzles and platforming challenges. After you’re done the main game, head over to the Pitioss Ruins.



In order to find this dungeon, you’ll first need to complete the main game and the quest to upgrade your car to an airship, the Regalia Type-F. Once you’ve got the airship, you’ll notice a tiny little yellow spot by the Rock of Ravatogh. It’s easy to miss, but once you spot it, you can land your airship there. Once you’re inside, the fun really starts. If you’re tired of exploring, here’s a video showing exactly where to land in order to find the entrance to this insane dungeon.

Now, once you’re inside, the fun starts. This dungeon, as mentioned, is filled with different challenges. One of these sections will turn Final Fantasy XV into a platformer, and another one features a giant wall that you’ve got to run through while riding it, dodging attacks, and so on, like a certain boss battle from FFIV. From challenging jumps, to other difficult maneuvers, it all pays off with some of the best moments of the game, especially for seasoned FF players.

Where’s the end of the secret dungeon?

Keep going until you’re at the roof, then it’s over. If you really want to immerse yourself, turn off the heads-up display setting. You don’t need it, anyways.

Once you’ve had a chance to check it out, let us know what your favorite challenge was.