Final Fantasy XV Review Score Roundup

Reviews are starting to pour in for Square Enix’s latest epic addition the Final Fantasy series, the hugely anticipated XV. There’s been some bumps along the way, including a delay, but with an official release date of November 29th, it’s now time to find out if it’s actually worth picking up or not. Die-hard fans will grab just about anything with the FF logo on it, but in a series that’s had such a long history and so many changes, here’s a chance to get a feel for what you can expect from this one.

They’re aiming to appeal to people who have been with the series for a long time, along with offering an entry-point for people who are picking up a Final Fantasy game for the first time.

Final Fantasy XV was developed by Square Enix, and is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $60.

Here’s a roundup of the reviews to give a balanced look at FFXV, which overall is scoring in the 8’s and 9’s just about everywhere.



Polygon – 9.0/10

“Final Fantasy XV’s own opening text describes it as ‘a Final Fantasy for fans and newcomers alike.’ The game contains pieces sure to disappoint players in both camps, but it also provides a refreshingly human take on the classic RPG journey that I hope will inspire future games in the franchise.” – Philip Kollar (Complete review is available at Polygon.)

Game Informer – 8.5/10

“Final Fantasy XV is unlike any RPG or open-world experience I’ve played before. It succeeds and struggles in finding its unique stance, but a few problematic designs don’t hold it back from being a hell of a journey. Just days after playing it, I find myself reflecting on it fondly.” – Andrew Reiner (Complete review is available at Game Informer.)

GameSpot – 8/10

“While it’s safe to assume fans and outsiders will find some aspect of Final Fantasy XV disappointing–be it the shallow story or finnicky Astrals–it would be hard for anyone to deny that Final Fantasy XV is a fascinating game after giving it a chance. Where its characters fail to impress, Final Fantasy XV’s beautiful world and exciting challenges save the day.” – Peter Brown (Complete review is available at GameSpot.)

IGN – 8.2/10

“When I’m riding chocobos across the beach at dusk with my three friends and hunting iconic Final Fantasy monsters in a huge, picturesque open world, Final Fantasy XV feels like nearly everything I could want from a modern Final Fantasy. But when it funnels me into linear scenarios and drab, constricted spaces that plunge the simplistic combat into chaos, my blood boils a bit.” – Vince Ingenito (Complete review is available at IGN.)

VentureBeat – 9/10

“Final Fantasy XV has its problems, but it’s filled with enough special moments that you can forgive the issues. The combat is fluid, thoughtful, and cinematic while the open world gives you a ton to do. If you hated Final Fantasy XIII because of its linearity and lack of anything to do outside of the main story, you’ll dig just how much stuff Final Fantasy XV has to offer.” – Jeff Grubb (Complete review is available at VentureBeat.)

Time – 9/10

“Something wonderful and improbable must have happened towards the end of the topsy-turvy decade it’s taken Square Enix to finally produce a Final Fantasy worth crowing about. Thank director Hajime Tabata for somehow righting the ship. How he did so could presumably fill a book. How many games get 10 years to simmer? Change captains mid-journey? Have lord knows how many investment dollars (to say nothing of franchise esteem) on the line?” – Matt Peckham (Complete review available at Time.)

Twinfinite – 9/10

“As I moved ever closer to the end, it all started to come together. I was reminded of every struggle, every hardship that had befallen myself and my friends. That seemingly silly road trip came full circle and I was left appreciating every mile I traveled without the parlor trick of a cheaply sentimental epilogue.” – Ishmael Romero (Complete review available at Twinfinite.)

The Daily Dot – 8/10

“Final Fantasy XV overcomes its narrative lows with gameplay highs that consume the player’s time with engrossing optional quests and frenetic battles. As a whole, it does not represent the best in the series, but it delivers just enough to deserve a place in the mainline series, which is an achievement for a game that originated as a Final Fantasy XIII spin-off.” – Miguel Concepcion (Complete review available at The Daily Dot.)

GamesRadar – 9/10

“Even when it stumbles, Final Fantasy 15’s ambitious open-world, fast-paced combat, and the humanity of its four leads make it a fascinating adventure to behold.” – David Roberts (Complete review availiable at GamesRadar.)

If we tally up the scores from these publications, that puts Final Fantasy XV at an average of about 8.6/10.