First Destiny 2 teaser isn’t what you might have expected

Bungie has released new information regarding Destiny 2. The latest advertisement for the upcoming first-person shooter features a teaser trailer with everyone’s favorite character as well as the destruction of the Last City.

Yesterday, Bungie uploaded a trailer on YouTube following the announcement of Destiny 2‘s official logo. Despite the trailer being less than 2 minutes long, the trailer starts off with Cayde-6 as he pours himself a drink and explains to himself something that recently happened.

He explains the violent brawl he endured during a recent meeting to an automaton who can be seen sweeping the floor. As he finishes his story, viewers are shown that the Last City is in shambles, with Cayde-6 stating “better get back to it.”

At the end of the teaser, the video reveals that a worldwide reveal trailer will be announced on March 30th, 10 p.m. PT. You can check out the brief teaser down below.