The First programs everyone should install on their new PCs

Computer software is one of the most important components of a strong PC gaming setup. Whether you’re buying a new PC or trying to rearrange things on your current PC, the first thing all PC owners should do is install the right amount of programs for you to use. Here are a list of programs you should install first when setting up your new PC.

Web Browser

Image: Opera

During a recent speed test, it was found that Opera is considered the fastest web browser. During the test, it was determined that the browsers selected for the experiment included Opera, Google Chrome, and FireFox.

When the experiment was conducted, Opera showcased a Flash plug-in, which clocked in at precisely 2.21 seconds to open up a web page. This time was faster when comparing it to Opera’s competitors, Google Chrome (2.33 seconds,) and Firefox (5.59 seconds). Additionally, this web browser is perfect for new PC users who are prone to have a slower internet connection.


Image: Kaspersky

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the best-paid antiviruses out on the market. For a starting price around $25, this antivirus software is superb at protecting users against malware as well as phishing attacks. If your PC is plagued with viruses, Kaspersky will track down, and eradicate the issues.

For those who are on a tighter budget, Avira is the best free software for Windows operating systems; offering you with real-time malware detection, advanced privacy tools, as well as safety ratings for your search engines.


Image: Skype

Skype, to me, is the Windows equivalent to Apple’s messaging application, iChat, but way better. Alongside being able to video chat with your loved ones, Skype offers users the opportunity to have international calling, free online calls, and Skype for Business purposes on their desktop and mobile applications.


Image: SourceForge

7-Zip is an open-source file archiver, which can be used to compress all your files. 7-Zip offers users the ability to use various volumes of diverse file sizes, which allows you to backup your favorite media files and convert them onto CDs or DVDs.


Image: Crounji –

VLC is the best media program you can have on your PC. Aside from supporting a plethora of file formats, and the ability to convert media files, VLC also allows users to stream their favorite media files over the internet/network, and record their desktop screen (which comes in handy for those who do not wish to buy recording software or a capture card). Not to mention, users can apply audio and video effects onto any video they are editing.


Image: Softonic

Java 8, .Net and Air Shockwave are the best runtimes you should have on your PCs. Somewhere down the road, you will need to have these runtimes on your computer for whatever reason. It is best to download them sooner rather than later.

Online Storage

Image: PC Magazine

OneDrive is the online storage that will be the most beneficial in the long run. In addition to having the ability to check your Outlook emails, OneDrive also offers users the ability to save documents, videos,  email attachments and photos.

Additionally, you can also share all these things with your friends and family. If you do not already have an Outlook email address, I suggest signing up for on in order to get the most out of this program.


Image: GIMP

Ideally, Adobe is the best photo editing software for any computer. However, GIMP is a great alternative for those who want a great imaging program without having to break major bank on AdobeGIMP offers almost everything that Adobe offers, and is a great program to use once you understand how the program works.


Image: Dedoimedo

Anyone using their PC for gaming purposes should have Steam as the first program they install on their PC. With easy access to your digital PC gaming library Steam also offers users the ability to cloud save, community features, and offers automatic updates on all your purchased games through the program.

File Managment

Image: SnapFiles

Now, of course getting your PC it’s gonna be clean and clutter-free. However, it won’t always be like that, with Windirstat you will be able to manage all the files that are currently on your computer. This makes it extremely convenient if you’re looking to clean out your computer and you are having a hard time looking for that big,  junk file.