Report: After Samsung’s Note 7, iPhone 7 devices are also exploding now

Samsung and Apple are the two biggest players in the smartphone industry and their rivalry is well known to everyone. In the last few weeks, both these smartphone makers have been in the news for different reasons. Apple have been in the news for the launch of their most anticipated phones – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.



On the other hand Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, which was unveiled in August have seen some serious problems in its battery which has resulted in overheating. There has been several incidents where this overheating has caused the battery catch fire and even explode.

Samsung has been set back by this major issue which was reported by several users from around the world just after the release of the phone. Whereas, Apple has been riding the hype train with their ‘revolutionary’ releases of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.



We know that internet is both a good and a bad place at the same time and things have taken some sharp turn for Apple now. An image of a fully burnt iPhone 7 have surfaced in the internet which is now a hot talking point.

The image was uploaded by Reddit user and owner of the iPhone 7 “kroopthesnoop”, who claims that the device caught fire and exploded in the box. By looking at the image, we can imagine how the all new iPhone 7 was completely ruined as a result of this.

Here’s the image which was posted on Reddit by kroopthesnoop:


As I mentioned internet can be misleading some time and hence the legitimacy of the image cannot be proved. This could be an attempt to create a hoax by damaging the smartphone in some other way.

We’ll have to wait for more details from both the parties i.e. Apple and the user to come into a conclusion. We also advice everyone to move to their nearest service center in case they feel their phone (any brand) overheating.