Four years later, Mass Effect’s Tali sex scene is recreated as a ‘fix’ and fans are finally happy about it

Mass Effect wasn’t short of controversies, especially ones involving the final game’s ending which left many fans complaining about it being underwhelming (especially after all that build up). However, another hot topic of discussion was one involving Tali’Zorah’s relationship with Commander Shepherd.

If you follow it through, you eventually end up making love with her but many felt that the developers didn’t really do justice to that ‘moment’.


Fanning these sentiments was the discovery that the creators used a stock image to show Tali’s actual face during this sequence, that led to accusations that the developers did a lazy job in executing what was supposed to be a major plot point in the game.


This was a major point of discussions back when the controversy erupted and some fans are still trying to fix what was supposed to be a special moment in the game. Finally a Youtube channel called Sovereign Studio has come up with a new version of the scene that promises to offer a scenario that fans visualized.

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The scene fixes several things including showing a character model based on the picture shown in the game as well as nudity. It still isn’t perfect but does go a long way in fixing a LOT of the issues that fans found in the original.

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With this scene, perhaps fans would be at peace with the sequence and can lay to rest an old grudge they had with the game. Some are already heaping praises on it –


You can view the scene below (NSFW WARNING)