Full Stat Breakdown of Gen 2 Pokémon coming to Pokémon Go

With Pokemon GO slowly but surely running out of stuff to do, the community will be excited to learn what’s next for the game.

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Seemingly, the next big thing for Pokemon GO is the Gen 2 update – and someone’s decided to work out the stats of all the new Pokemon, evolutions, and so on that’ll be a part of Gen 2.

source: fr.ign.com

source: fr.ign.com

Specifically, Reddit user khrawn calculated the attack, defense, and stamina of all evolved Gen 2 Pokemon. They uploaded the results to Reddit, and were sure to include a few notes on things they’d noticed whilst arranging them. On their post, they said:

  • “Wobbuffet will be a great defender like Chansey, but Blissey will be number 1.
  • With Lanturn and Ampharos maybe the Water pokemons will have a counter.
  • Tyranitar will be awesome.
  • Hold on to your Poliwags/Seadra’s but Onix/Zubat will still suck.
  • Shuckle will not be the awesome staller/defender many of you know him as.”
source: aminoapps.com

source: aminoapps.com

Furthermore, the OP went on to speculate that there will be more “variation” come Gen 2’s release:

“Finally, it seems there will be more variation, as Tyranitar>Vaporeon>Ampharos>Tyranitar. But that’s just speculation from my side.”

If you’d like to view the stats for yourself, head over to the original post, or if you’re in a hurry, the spreadsheet itself. Included are values from the original Pokemon games, and the values we’ll be seeing in Pokemon GO.