Full Story Behind Rest In Peace Kid Video

A few months ago, a video was uploaded to YouTube of someone shooting a kid in the back with an airsoft gun. This was before the official match had begun.

It was an airsoft match. And apparently it was a friendly incident, payback for “burning his patch”. Burning his patch? The victim literally made a YouTube video disrespecting the shooter’s airsoft team and setting a patch with the team’s logo on fire.

Knowing revenge is a dish best served cold, the shooter retaliated with one full auto burst of .2 gram airsoft pellets at 350-360 FPS before the start of a match the next time they were on the same team. Hey, he was just checking if friendly fire was on.

The shooter’s statement is as follows:

“If I intended to hurt him i would’ve used .43’s at 200 psi with a bored nozzle so therefore i had no intention to hurt him. He came up to me after the game and said, ‘dude its cool I understand why I knew it was coming, and I’m not about to get mad over it.’ he had a smile on his face i did not ruin his time.”

Here is the original video below.