Gamer absolutely destroys Mass Effect: Andromeda with a single video

One of the top trending videos on Youtube right now is a review of Mass Effect Andromeda that absolutely tears the game apart, but not with harsh criticism, rather simply by showing you clips from the game itself. It lets the game itself do most of the talking to show you what’s wrong with it.

Just a heads up if you haven’t checked it ME:A yet and still plan to: This video is filled with random moments from the game and some of them are going to have spoilers.

This video is basically a montage of all the weird moments from the game, spliced together with commentary from a variety of people. It’s a big game, so naturally if you splice together all of the off moments into one video, it’s going to look worse than it is overall, but still – there are some problems in this hugely anticipated game, and over 20 minutes of short clips of bugs, glitches, and some really awkward and creepy character interactions.

The Meta Critic scores for different platforms are around 75 if you look at critic scores, and in the red zone closer to 4-5 if you look at user scores.

image: youtube

From janky animations, to awkward dialogue, to all sorts of glitches and bugs, it just feels like this one wasn’t ready yet, but who knows what things were like behind the scenes? Another developer recently came to the defense of individual animators who were being attacked online.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a game’s development process, and the people actually sitting at the desks and putting it all together don’t always have control over everything. Just like any job, you can have managers and producers and the people putting money into the game breathing down your neck, giving their inputs, and throwing everything off. At this point we can only speculate about why this game ending up being so disappointing for so many gamers.

As time goes on, we’ll probably learn more about what went wrong here, and hopefully they’ll have a chance to make some fixes because this series deserves the best.