Gamer comes up with incredible new Pokémon Go location tracker idea

You’ve probably heard by now how upset Pokémon GO players have been in regards to the game’s bugged tracking mechanic, followed by Niantic removing it completely in its latest update. The ability to use third-party tracking apps has also been done away with, leaving players hunting for Pokémon by using their acquired knowledge of the game, word of mouth on social media groups, and honest to goodness pure luck.


Pokémon GO player themightyseer has uploaded an image to Reddit showing a possible way to improve the game’s tracking mechanic. It shows a compass surrounded by three circles.

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The concept could conceivably work very well, since it shows which Pokémon are nearby, how far away they are (which is determined by the colored rings), and which direction they are located. You can view the image of the concept below.

image via reddit

image via reddit

This fan made compass idea is quite brilliant. It’s simply designed, so there shouldn’t be much confusion in utilizing it. Even though the rings are colored, it shouldn’t affect players with colorblindness issues since you can still tell how close each Pokémon is in relation to your current location by looking at which ring it’s currently placed on.

Having the compass in the middle of the screen also helps players figure out which direction they need to travel in order to find the Pokémon they’re hunting. It’s a much cleaner method than what we’ve been able to use in the game so far to aid us in finding Drowzees and Venusaurs alike.

image via pokemon go (friedricearoni)

image via pokemon go

The compass can also be created to work as a client end tracker. This would prevent it from overloading the servers, which tends to cause even more heartache when you see a rare Pokémon pop up on your “nearby” list to only have them disappear due to the game crashing or freezing up.

Some players on Reddit love the idea of this compass mechanic, but others are a little indifferent. Some say it makes finding Pokémon a little too easy, and some say that they still prefer the original footstep method.

Will Niantic grace players with a new and improved tracking mechanic for Pokémon GO? Who knows at this point. With the removal of the bugged tracking method, it does give players a little hope that something is being worked on for a future update.

If it’s anything like themightyseer’s compass concept, we will be in good shape. If not, then let’s keep our fingers crossed that it at least works as well as the original (pre-bugged) footprint method.