Gamer Discovers A Secret Sex Formula in Fallout

1998’s Fallout 2 is still very worthwhile to go back and play if you’re all done with Fallout 4, but just don’t expect something like the modern Fallout games. You’re playing with an isometric view rather than first person and the game won’t hold your hand as much, but a lot of the humor and character is there in spades. And a lot of sex, too.

image: altered gamer

image: altered gamer

For example, one quest requires your character to star in an adult film, so obviously they had to invent an algorithm to determine your prowess, so to speak.

Fallout 2’s secret sex formula can tell you if you’re a wasteland wanderer in the streets, and a super mutant in the sheets.

It’s based on a combination of numerous attributes. Your sexual abilities in Fallout 2 are determined by your character’s charisma, agility, endurance, and strength. If you were really skilled in the sac, you’d get the title “Gigolo”.

How did they decide which traits would matter, and how much of an impact each one would have? Personal experience.

“This girl that I was dating was way into this guy that was way better looking than me, so I was like, you know what? Charisma plays a much bigger part in this,” said one of the creators of the formula in an interview with Eurogamer.