Gamer encounters the rarest Pokémon ever found in Pokémon Go

A shocking video has just been recorded in California that shows a never-before-seen Pokémon . This foul-mouthed Pokémon rejected the Poké Ball and shouted profanity at the aspiring trainer: ”You Call Yourself a Pokémaster? Shit, you couldn’t catch an STD.”

He also went on to insult beloved sleeper Pokémon Snorlax, and even poked fun at the trainer’s weight by calling him a Weedle.

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Thousands of trainers lined up to try and capture this beast

This Pokémon also just happened to top the Forbes’ highest-paid actors list. Coming off 2015’s earthquake disaster film San Andreas, Pokérock has proved to be one of the world’s greatest action heroes.


After Pokerock runs away, a wild Magikarp always appears in its place

This mysterious Pokémon was found in the recently released smash-hit Pokémon game by U.S based developers Niantic, Pokémon Go. It’s unclear whether anyone would ever be able to catch this rather ill-mannered Pokémon, but the check out the video below to see what an encounter with this Pokémon looks like.

Editor’s note: No such Pokemon exists obviously. We hope you can smell ‘what’s cooking’.