Gamer gets his PS4 Stolen And His Friends Did An Unbelievable Thing

A video was posted by Jordan Henare on YouTube, where he and his friends are seen surprising one of their mates named Mark, who was going through some difficult times. Mark’s PS4 got stolen on the same day when he was planning to go away and play Fallout 4 with his friends for a week.

Image: Youtube/Jordan Henare

Image: Youtube/Jordan Henare

The burglary saddened Mark, mostly because of the fact that he would miss playing Fallout 4 with his friends for a week, but his friends had some other plans in store. His friends decided to take him to the store and gift him a new PS4 console by collecting some donations from their circle.

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They wanted to surprise him, and hence took them to the store on the pretext of purchasing an HDMI/VGA cable for the console. But once they reached their destination, he got this epic surprise:

Jonathan Henare mentioned, “We ran around and found him a PS4 to borrow, but really he needed his own for save games sake.”

“We got a bunch of donations… Voila! So we’re getting you a PS4… good thing you only played two hours,” he added.

Image: Youtube/Jordan Henare

Image: Youtube/Jordan Henare

Mark was totally surprised and touched by the actions of his friends and got emotional. What followed next was a ton of hugs.

You can have a look at the touching video below:

Friends in need are friends indeed, aren’t they?