Gamer Livestreams Himself Approaching Kid Who Talked Trash Online But It Doesn’t End Well For Him

talk trash

We’ve all been there. A kid talking trash online and telling us how he’s going to come after our moms and do terrible things to her. The internet allows us to comfortably pull off such stunts without ever worrying about having to face any real consequences.

rage quit

source: youtube

However one guy somehow managed to find a teenager who said some terrible things to him online and decide to dish out some gang-style justice to him, in person. He visited his neighborhood and live-streamed the entire ordeal.

He was seen boasting about how’s he going to teach the young punk a lesson but things soon to a turn, for the worst, for him. The guy soon discovered the kid wasn’t alone and two other bigger dudes came up to defend him.

knocked out

You already know what’s coming

He quickly made a retreat but kept saying how he’s going to come back and teach the kid a lesson, when he’s alone of course. It didn’t take long before all of them jumped on him and gave him the beating of his life.

come at me bro

come at me bro

“Let him live” were the final words from the kids before they went their way. Lesson to be learnt: don’t go to a new neighbourhood hoping to beat someone up. Don’t do it even more in case you’re a idiot like this guy.

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