Gamer Tricks His Girlfriend Into Thinking He Got Fired From His Real Job

Gamers can be a mischievous lot. All those hours playing videogames makes them exposed to various social experiences and in return most of them pick up some rather evil social skills.

One gamer tricked his unsuspecting and innocent girlfriend named Rosie into believing him that he lost his real job. The poor girl wanted to sound all supportive to her lover and little did she know he was pulling her leg.


The gamer sent her a chain of messages expressing his grief over being fired by his employer although he felt that he performed overwhelmingly well. The girlfriend tried comforting him and told him not to be gloomy.

He continued on his rant and wouldn’t have any of her words of support¬†until…he finally disclosed that the job he got fired from was a virtual one inside a videogame (FIFA) and not a real life job. This revelation followed a series of texts with hysterical laughter.

The poor girl was obviously furious at this rather immature joke by his gaming boyfriend and we’re sure he had to do the dishes later that night. You can check out the full conversation below. Disclaimer: If your girl breaks up with you after you try to pull off a similar joke, we’re not responsible.