Gamers angry about these changes that Niantic made with latest Pokemon Go update

Niantic rolled out a huge update yesterday that saw several changes being made to the game, the most important among them being the removal of the location tracker from the game completely.

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It also made changes to the Pokemon in the game and nerfed a lot of stronger Pokemon such as Vaporeon, while buffing a few others such as Arcanine. The update also added in a host of other features, most of which were welcomed by the community.



However, one particular change seems to have made fans incredibly upset as they feel it makes little sense and makes catching Pokemon even harder than it was (which was hard enough as it is). The change we’re talking about is the reduction of seeing Pokemon from 100m to 70m. This has made capturing the Pocket monsters a lot harder.

Many users are also reporting that wild Pokemon have begun to run away a lot more frequently after the latest update, making the game even more difficult. Many feel this is a ploy to force users in spending money within the game, while others feel it’s just indifference on Niantic’s end.


The lack of communication has also upset the community a lot as they are required to keep guessing why these changes were made. Niantic should really issue a statement regarding the questions its playerbase has in order to calm the situation.

There is some good news for you trainers out there who still want to gain an unfair advantage. Even though Niantic shut down access to their servers, there are some apps that use artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to help you find rare Pokemon, Pokestops, and Gyms. Pokemon Go Maps is probably the best one out right now, developed by a former google engineer. Since Pokemon Go Maps is built without using any third party APIs it does not violate any Pokemon Go Terms of Service and won’t jeopardize your account. Here’s where you can get it:

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