Gamers discover a new way to throw Pokeball that increases chances of catching Pokemon

Even though it seems pretty standard on how to catch a creature in Pokemon Go, players have now found a few different ways to ensure an even higher catch success rate. Normally, players have assumed that the only real way to flick a Pokeball is by using your finger in a straight flick up motion or by using a curveball-type method.

Well, now it seems that there are a few more methods to Niantic’s popular augmented-reality game and gamers just uncovered one of them.

Below is the L throw:

via imgur

via imgur

As the name suggests, the player can throw the Pokeball by dragging their finger into an L-shaped motion and releasing it at the Pokemon when their finger is at the same height as the creature.

Apparently this method is indeed effective for catching pocket monsters. A discussion on Reddit has confirmed that the L throw works well for capturing Pokemon. However, some users believe that it’s a less reliable method when used on the right side of the screen.



Furthermore, it’s been shown that players can also combine a regular curveball with the L throw that’s demonstrated above.

This curveball/L throw hybrid:

As before, build up a curveball shot then combine it with the aforementioned L throw and there you have it.

It’s not definite whether this combination of the two tactics actually makes a more effective throw, but nonetheless it’s cool to see that there are a couple of actual methods to capturing Pokemon in the game.