Gamers Lash Out At Developer’s Decision to Censor Cleavage and Vagina Bones In Video Game Character

If gamers are one thing, it’s passionate. Whether it’s positive or negative, most players definitely don’t hide their feelings about anything game related. Sometimes petitions are formed to remove a negative Metacritic review. Various types of fan art is created in order to show their love for a character. Then you have players that lash out at developers because of vagina bones.

Yes, vagina bones. Apparently this is a thing, referring to the “V” shaped crease on the lower abdomen, similar to D’Angelo’s in his Untitled (How Does it Feel) music video. (You’re welcome.)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions, a crossover RPG available on the Wii U, decided to alter a female character’s appearance by eliminating her cleavage and vagina bones. Before and after pics were shared to Censored Gaming on Twitter by a gamer that noticed the change. You can clearly see the difference between the two images.

v bones 1

images via Twitter (@Sebban_E)

images via Twitter (@Sebban_E)

Even though Censored Gaming brings these types of things to our attention to fight against censoring, people on Twitter had some fun with this idea of vagina bones. Some tweets about it are just simply hilarious.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, vagina-bones, vagina-bones. – @DevinKelly20

[old man voice] “i was there when vagina bones first happened. when some idiot on /a/ saw an anime girl and didnt know what a pelvis was–” – @_butwhowasfone

God took a rib out of Adam and from that he created the vagina bones from which Eve was formed – @NotFaulty

“Men have vagina bones too! It is so! Do not repress my truth!!” I scream as I am forcibly ejected from the Gamestop – @mcclure111

Waiting for a video where a gamergater steals a prop skeleton from their high school biology class to prove vagina bones exist – @NotFaulty

In a way, I can see why gamers would be upset about this wardrobe change. By viewing the game’s trailer, there are tons of scantily clad women showing a lot of skin, so I am not sure why this one character was the victim of censorship.

In a world now filled with people that can be offended by anything really, developers and production companies have to (unfortunately) be careful about any content that is put out nowadays in accordance to a game’s intended rating. The vagina bones and cleavage really didn’t show us anything entirely offensive, but I’m sure there are people that would choose the more “appropriate” look over the latter, despite the fact that the character is still showing a lot of skin. At least we have a new, fun phrase to use.