Gamers may have discovered an incredible Charmander easter egg in Pokemon Go

People are now into decoding each and every secret in Pokemon Go. We have already revealed a lot of secrets of the augmented reality game in the past and will continuing doing so for the benefit of the players.

Today, we have come up with three new tips/secrets that can help you in progressing in the game. Although we cannot guarantee it, we believe that one of three tips can possibly be an Easter Egg.


Here are the three tips/secrets:

1. Finding Chansey at Pharmacies



Chansey can generally be found by collecting a 10 km egg and then hatching it. If you are too lazy for that, there is another way of encountering Chansey. If you remember the Chansey from the Pokemon anime series, she had a caring and motherly nature. So, in Pokemon Go, Chansey can be encountered at pharmacies, hospitals, clinics or locations that are related to health and healing.

2. Glowing Pokeballs



When you press the Poke Ball icon on the screen of your device and hold it down, you’ll find that the other icons such as Pokedex, Pokemon, Items etc. will get a different colored glow when clicked. You will also be not able to go the corresponding menus of the icons during this time.

The actual secret behind this is found out yet, but the players are trying hard. They also think that this could be a possible Easter Egg and a color combination puzzle will need to be cracked to reveal it.

3. Rename Charmander Before Evolving It



This is what we believe is an Easter Egg. This, however, will need some more testing before we could deem it to be 100% accurate. We have come across various Reddit users who have claimed that you can evolve a Charmander into a Charmeleon with specific moves by naming it as ‘Zippo’.

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The Charmeleon you receive after evolving it will know the moves of Flamethrower and Ember, which will be a reference to the actual show. This Easter Egg cannot be confirmed at this point because the testers had only a few Charmanders available for test and the results could be a mere coincidence.