Gamers Turn Overwatch’s Play of the Game Into Hilarious New Meme

Overwatch has been a huge focus in the gaming community even before its official release. Things ranging from Overwatch themed porn to children creating their own Overwatch heroes and seeing it come to life thanks to Blizzard, the possibilities have been quite endless.

The latest thing to take the Internet by storm is a set of memes based off Overwatch‘s “play of the game” showcase. After a match, there is a short highlight reel shown. Well, the Internet has decided to take those showcases and mix them with pop culture references, actors, and viral videos, resulting in some really funny plays of the day.

Here are a few of them below. There are so many circulating right now, but these just give you a taste of what you can find. I’d give a spoiler alert for a couple of TV shows, but you should definitely be caught up with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones at this point.

Some good ol Star Trek Action

Fruit Ninja Madness

Bastion doing a POTG

WINston at your service

Christian Bale showing who’s boss

Breaking Bad hasn’t been left out

Walder Frey leading the thug life

Tom doing what he does best

This parody is hilarious

Pharah montage

John Travolta honored with a Play of the game