Georgia teen sentenced to 40 years after killing man for a PlayStation 4 in Craigslist robbery

Image: WSB-TV

A teenage girl from Georgia, named Kayla Dixon, has been sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment after being convicted of killing a man during a Craigslist robbery.

The robbery was plotted by Kayla and her boyfriend Nathaniel Vivian back in 2014 after Nathaniel sold his PS4 to pay rent.

Image: WSB-TV

Image: WSB-TV

According to the report of WSB-TV, Kayla, who was only 16 during the time of the incident, admitted that she fired a bullet in seller Danny Zeitz’s chest though her boyfriend’s hand. You can view the news report of the situation below.

In her statement in the courtroom, with teary eyes, she said, “I would trade anything, almost anything to bring Daniel back. But I know I can’t. I know he had plans. I wish I could tell him, ‘I’m so, so sorry this happened,’ but I can’t.”

The police arrested the couple from Northside Hospital, where they tried to portray themselves as victims of a robbery.

The investigators also mentioned that Kayla and Nathaniel exchanged text messages discussing the robbery, which they deleted later. Apparently they had also searched YouTube on “how to rob someone.”

Danny Zeitz/ Image: Facebook

Danny Zeitz, image: Facebook

It was also reported that Kayla’s 16-month-old baby was present in the back seat of the car when the murder took place.

Kayla Dixon, after being busted and presented to the court, pleaded guilty and apologized to Zeitz’s family. Danny Zeitz’s mother Patty didn’t accept the killer’s apology initially. However, Patty later said that Kayla’s apology and acknowledgement was ‘very heartfelt.’

The victim, Danny Zeitz, played under the name ‘Phobos’ and was a very well known gamer. A documentary project named ‘Level Up‘ was also later subjected on his death.


Nathaniel Vivian, image:

On the other hand, Kayla Dixon’s boyfriend Nathaniel Vivian’s trial is expected to begin this summer. Kayla also mentioned that she will stand as evidence against him.