How to Get Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Most Powerful Secret Armor That Makes You Nearly Invincible

Horizon: Zero Dawn isn’t even out yet and we already know how to get our paws on the best set of armor in the game.

The process is a bit lengthy, but we promise it’s worth it – the armor is ridiculously overpowered. With it, you become nearly invincible. The armor is shielded, and you can attack without hesitation or worry about damage so long as the shield is up. If the shield goes down (which, to be honest, it probably won’t), all you need to do is dodge and weave for a few short moments before it recharges completely.

image: guerilla games

Just south of the Devil’s thirst, you can find a collection of ruins with a large rock formation near some rusted-out pylons. If you climb up the rock formation, you can find a small hidden lake. Drop down from the rocks and skirt the inside rock face until you come upon a slit in the rock. Just inside that opening is the entrance to a secret bunker that contains the best armor in the game. Unfortunately, to unlock the armor, you must first find a collection of 5 battery cells. Their locations are as follows:

  1. Behind breakable stalactites in the facility Aloy fell into as a child.
  2. Secret tunnel in All-Mother mountain (next to the locked bunker door)
  3. Top of Faro Skyscraper
  4. In the snow at the Grave-Hoard
  5. Secret area on Gaia Prime

If you want a little more help, check out the embedded vid on how to get the armor here:

After you’ve collected all the cells, all that remains are two simple puzzles. If you want to figure them out yourself, just scroll past:

  1. The first numbers are a 24 hour clock reading – turn the locks to the clock position and you’re in.
  2. The second numbers are degree readings- turn the locks to the given angle and the armor is yours.

Playstation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn releases tomorrow, February 28th, 2017.