GOG Galaxy’s biggest update yet puts Steam, Origin, etc to shame

GOG Galaxy has announced a host of new features as it prepares to come out of beta soon, and boy, are we impressed. 

The optional client, which is offered by DRM-free store GOG.com, will be out of beta in April. It’s rolled out a brand new update which beta users can already download today.

Patch 1.2 brings with it a host of key new features, and most of them will give competition like Steam and Origin a run for their money. The most attractive of them is the ability to cloud save any game on the platform.

This also includes games that doesn’t natively support cloud-saving. Cloud saves can also be downloaded at a later date without the need of installing GOG Galaxy.

The update will also allow users to customize GOG Galaxy to their liking, using only the features they like, and turning off others that they hate. The developers cite this being an option because they don’t want the platform to look bloated as many users don’t want to use some of its more advanced features.

There’s a lot of other cool changes as well. Head over to its official page to know all the details.

In case you don’t know, it’s not mandatory to download GOG Galaxy. You can continue downloading your favorite games from GOG’s website directly.