Grand Theft Auto’s Most Exclusive Motorcycle Gang Only Accepts 1% of Applicants

When you arrive at the homepage of the Reaper Lords motorcycle gang, you’ll be forgiven for thinking its a real-life brotherhood straight from running guns from California to Mexico. But, the motorcycle gang actually exists within a different universe to our own: that of GTA5 online.

Formed back in 2013, the gang is a collection of players on GTA5 online united in their complex hierarchy and their “brotherhood.” They pride themselves on the exclusivity of the group, calling themselves the “1%.” It’s by all accounts, very professional, and the members take it considerably seriously.

The homepage of the Reaper Lords club states their initial philosophy when the club was established. It focuses on goodwill, camaraderie and loyalty. Check out the full motto below.

In Reaper Lords Motorcycle Club, we pride ourselves in knowing that we are all about Brotherhood. We provide a means for individuals to participate with others that share like minded interests which include motorcycling activities. It is our goal to promote camaraderie and goodwill and to enhance the lives of our members. We take our club very seriously. Not everyone can become a Lord. It takes extreme discipline and passion to be accepted into our inner circle. Those who make it are the TRUE 1%.

Source: Gamer's Diary - Tumblr

Source: Gamer’s Diary – Tumblr

The club has two charters currently active: a “Paleto Bay” charter and a “Lost Santos” charter. Both are, of course, fictional. That doesn’t stop the members fro establishing a full hierarchy. From the top to bottom, all members have individual and collective duties that they must adhere to. The charters objectives and responsibilities are varied and seemingly quite strict too.

The general hierarchy is as follows:

National President – LORD LAzY KIDD
Charter President – LORD Avner
Vice President – LORD SquadyRat
Sergeant At Arms – LORD KAO5
Secretary – LORD B0WSER
Treasurer – LORD WHISKEY
Road Captain – LORD vPUNISHER
Enforcer – LORD MIDGET815
Tailgunner – LORD Draxx
National President – LORD LAzY KIDD
Charter President – LORD__TONE
Vice President – LORD_Rusty_Cage
Sergeant At Arms – LORD_DirtyWorka
Secretary – LORD_FoReal
Treasurer – LORD_OBIE
Road Captain – G-Swifty
Enforcer – LORD_FireFoxKitt
Enforcer – LORD__SCREW
Tailgunner – Vacant

There is also a detailed bio on the founder of the club, who is revered amongst the crowd. It reads:

The process to join the club is notably difficult too. Once you apply, a process in which you’re not even guaranteed a reply at all, you have to become a “hang around”, which would invariably entail becoming a sort of assistant to the higher members of the group in order to become a fully-fledged member yourself sometimes in the future.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The site of the Reaper Lords also contains an extensive gallery, photographic documentation of the escapades of the group. The club seems to be inclusive to all once initiation has passed; there is women and non-white members too.

We will reach out to the club for comment. For the time being, check them out here, where you can apply to become a part of the gang yourself.