A Grandmother who plays Skyrim has made an insane amount of videos about the game

Skyrim: Special Edition was one of the most popular games on Steam in the past weekend and Grandma Shirley made her return to the game. Shirley Curry, popularly known as Grandma Shirley, in the past has established herself as a video game streamer for Skyrim fans and older gamers.

Image: GottaBeMobile

Image: GottaBeMobile

The 80 year old grandma gained popularity back in September 18 when she uploaded her first Skyrim Let’s Play. She was awarded a Silver Play button by YouTube, which the channels with more than 100,000 subscribers receive.

Grandma Shirley refers to her followers as ‘grandkids’. She has now started a new series for Skyrim Special Edition, which has already gained popularity.


It’s actually amazing to see someone of Grandma Shirley’s age enjoy and explore the thrilling game. I guess there won’t a second person in the world who would be as passionate as her for the game at the age of 80.

Her YouTube channel has more than 300 videos and we hope she can continue making many more and entertaining hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide.