Grandpa Devastated When MMO He’s Played for 17 Years Finally Shut Down

This charming grandfather has been playing Asheron’s Call since 1999, and over the years he’s evolved into a hardcore PC gamer with his triple monitor setup. He still has his original character from 1999, which has been played for over 3 months in total time.

In the game, he has a whole community of friends that have known each other for years. He’s gone to weddings, he’s gone to funerals, and met people from all around the world.

“The game has come a long way, and I’ve had a lot of fun playing it.” – Grandpa

Sadly, on December 20th, it was announced that Asheron’s Call would be closing down their servers at the end of January, so players are left with little  time to finish off any last minute quests and to say their goodbyes.



As to whether or not this 74 year old gamer will be finding a new game to get into, it’s still up in the air:

“I tried Darktide but it wasn’t my type of game. I didn’t like being killed by friends.” – Grandpa

One of his funniest gaming memories was logging in after a night of boozing, and losing all of his gear. There’s something really wholesome about this video, but also sad that he’ll have to give up his favorite game.

The former VP and Creative Director from Turbine showed up in the Youtube comments and said:

“I was lucky enough to be the Creative Director and VP at Turbine in 2000 and 2001. I say lucky because of people like this. We loved working on the game, we loved playing it with the community, and running the live game with great people like your grandpa playing it made it feel like we were doing something that truly mattered.” – David Bowman

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