Great new weapon reloading detail discovered in Battlefield 1 video

DICE is leaving no stone unturned to offer an authentic World War I experience with its upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 1, and people are in complete awe of the game. After the company released a load of new multiplayer gameplay footage, fans worldwide are more convinced than ever before that Battlefield 1 would revive the series unlike anything else has been able to do.


The game not only looks amazing, but also offers a great gameplay experience from what has been shown so far, and new details are emerging every day. The latest detail to be discovered isn’t that significant, but nonetheless shows how much attention to detail has gone into making the game.


In a new video by Jackfrags, an eagle-eyed gamer has discovered a small new weapon reloading detail involving a bolt action rifle. When you reload the rifle, the player actually catches the next round and pushes it back into the weapon. It’s a small, but effective animation which adds to the realism of the game.

This isn’t easily visible at normal speed, but slowing down the video to .25x speed clearly shows it. We’ve slowed it down and captured the clip below for your eyes only. Check it out.