5 horrific videogame sequences nobody can play without feeling disturbed

P.T.- Talking Fetus

I don’t even know if I would call this one gruesome; it’s just really weird and honestly quite unsettling. You walk into a room and BAM- there’s a bloody fetus in the sink. You think in your head, “okay that’s a little strange, but it’s just a horror game thing, no biggie.” Then it talks to you with the voice of a grown man. What?Why? I understand the concept (the fetus is the “ghost” of the unborn child the murderer killed along with his wife) but was it really necessary?

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes- Bomb in a Ribcage

Extra points to Metal Gear for this one- I’ve never felt so uncomfortable during a video game before. In this scene, a medic is tasked with removing an armed bomb from inside the body of a girl. Someone had opened the poor girl up and placed the HUGE device (imagine a textbook sized object being stuffed into your chest cavity) behind the her innards. The scene doesn’t censor much- you get to see everything the doc does, including a long segment where he sticks both of his hands into the struggling and screaming girl’s stomach (oh, did I forget to mention that she was awake and without anesthetic during this whole thing?) for a considerable amount of time before finally getting the bomb out. Yikes.

Outlast- Finger Clipping

Yeah, you read that right. Not nail clipping. Finger clipping. In this scene from survival-horror game Outlast, you get a few of your fingers chopped off by a crazy doctor. After cycling through a few different options for his tool of choice and threatening you with knives once or twice, the insane doctor decides on a freakin’ huge pair of rusty looking scissors to slice your fingers off with. At least he only picks one finger off of each hand instead of taking them all.

Heavy Rain – More Finger Clipping

What’s up with game devs and cutting off fingers? In Heavy Rain, you are given a few absolutely ridiculous tasks to complete in order to save your son from a killer. One of these tasks is, you guessed it, to cut off your own finger. It may be a video game, but it is hard to watch- and even harder to make the main character do. You know it’s not real, but that doesn’t take away from how gruesome the whole thing is.