GTA 5 mod allows you to play violent version of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become an unprecedented phenomenon. The augmented reality mobile game has already been downloaded by over 100 million people worldwide and currently has more than 22 million active users. It is also currently the highest grossing app in both iOS and Android app stores.



Looking at the success of the game, a violent version of it has been modded into GTA 5. The mod allows you to capture NPCs in the game and make them fight for you.

Image: PC Gamer

Image: PC Gamer

You are provided with six Poke Balls in the mod which you will need to throw at NPCs in order to capture them. Once you toss one Poke Ball at an NPC, he or she will be sucked inside it.

Remember, you should weaken them before trying to capture them by kicking, punching or shooting them gently so that they cannot bust out of the Poke Ball. Once they are captured they are ready to fight for you against enemies.