GTA Online has new stunt update that changes the way you play with friends

grand theft auto

Recently, Rockstar Games added 20 new stunt races to Grand Theft Auto Online. The new stunt races push the boundaries of its predecessors and offer new ways for players to race their friends.

According to the developer, the new stunt races were heavily influenced by the most popular vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto community, the Blazer Aqua, the Rocket Voltic, and the Ruiner 2000.

Image: YouTube

The Blazer Aqua stunt races have players operating a four-wheeler/jet ski hybrid, however, these races aren’t as fast-paced as the other two. But, the vehicle is very interesting, not to mention you can dive under water and embrace your inner dolphin during the race.

Image: YouTube

Rocket Voltic stunt races feature players driving a vehicle with a large rocket engine strapped on. The rocket engine can be used as a quick speed boost to get that extra edge on your opponent. and winning the race will depend on how you effectively use your rocket boost. Despite the linear nature, these races offer plenty of speed and competitive races for everyone to enjoy.

Image: Reddit

Lastly, the Ruiner 2000 stunt races have players start off in the sky, you can choose to either dive down, bumper first with your vehicle or use the parachute provided to you to navigate the sharp turns. For those who love pure chaos, and fast-paced gameplay, similar to games like Burnout I highly recommend trying the Ruiner stunt races out first.

If you decide to try out the new stunt races this week, you will be rewarded with double XP and GTA$ now until March 22nd. Grand Theft Auto Online is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.