GTA Online mega Christmas event details get leaked

Los Santos is getting into the Christmas spirit again this year, as details have leaked about Rockstar’s upcoming plans for the 2016 holiday season in Grand Theft Auto Online.

When Rockstar brings gifts, they don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, they don’t have a list, and they certainly haven’t checked it twice. If you want to peek at your gifts early this year, here’s a look at what Rockstar is allegedly planning to offer up to their players.

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For starters, you’ll be getting a Unicorn mask: 

image: tezfunz2

image: tezfunz2

You’ll have a nice Christmas tree for your apartment because where else would the presents go? You’ll also unwrap some new clothes because not every gift can be explosive and deadly, and finally some interesting masks like the unicorn one pictured above. Could there be any extra mystery surprises? Maybe!



These details were leaked by a Rockstar insider:


In addition, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some returning features from past holidays. Players can expect to receive a supply of fireworks launchers to blast into the sky on New Years Eve, and the weather forecast is calling for SNOW. You know what happens when it snows, right? The roads are icy and treacherous, so you’ve got some interesting driving to look forward to, as well.

This event comes on the heels of the Import/Export update, which saw some incredibly expensive new vehicles added to the game – just in time to put them on your Christmas list, not that Santa has a whole lot of deliveries to take care of in Los Santos, not a lot of them made it into his nice list.