GTA online’s newest car which costs a million dollars is broken, fans aren’t happy

GTA Online just got a brand new car called the Infernus Classic, which is a super expensive 80s-era vehicle that players can now use in Los Santos.

The car doesn’t come cheap either, costing a whopping $915,000 in-game currency. However, fans have noticed that the car is actually broken.

Users of the GTA V subreddit discovered that the car can’t turn left without spinning out of control. This applies no matter what speed you’re driving it on. It can do right turns like any normal vehicle but turn left and it’s a mess.

It’s unclear if Rockstar is aware of the glitch but clearly fans aren’t amused. Players have already uncovered why it’s happening. They blame it on the left tyre, which behaves like a damaged tire.

It remains to be seen when Rockstar is going to fix it as clearly there’s a big problem here, esp when you’re paying top dollars to acquire it.